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Mass Times

Daily Masses:
Monday to Thrusday 7:15am

First Friday of each month: Mass at 7:15am

All other Fridays: Communion at 7:15am

Weekend Masses:
Saturdays, 4:00pm (Anticipatory)

Eucharistic Adoration

2:45 to 3:45pm


3:15 to 3:45 pm
by appointment

Parish Office Hours

9:00 am to Noon

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

October 26 - November 1, 2014


We invite you to explore opportunities to know Jesus Christ and
grow deeper in your Catholic Christian faith.

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October 26, 2014 Bulletin

St. Mary's Harvest Drawdown flier

Religious Eduction bulletin insert

Harvest Draw Down

Only 6 days remain until our HARVEST DRAW DOWN next Saturday, Nov. 1st. WE STILL HAVE MANY TICKETS FOR SALE. This is our major fundraiser for the year. There will be no tickets for sale at the door and only 300 tickets will be sold. To get in, each person has to have a ticket which entitles you to free unlimited food (pork chops, fried chicken, sides and homemade desserts) and beverages (beer, wine, pop, coffee, etc.) and of course a possible payout of $3,000 along with many other opportunities to win. It promises to be a fun party so please be generous. You can also pick up tickets in the church sacristy, Wiltse’s Farm Stand on Rt. #38 or at Bootlegger’s. Please remember to sign up to share your time & talents with us to help in this important parish activity. All donations are welcome for the silent auction, raffles, and baked goods for that night. Donations for the silent auction and raffles are requested to be delivered to the Novak Center on Wednesday, Oct. 29th anytime between 6:00-9:00pm. Please do whatever you can to help us make this a profitable event. The majority of this year’s proceeds will go toward our upcoming parish projects. For any questions or information please call Deb Bullard at 815-286-7940 or 815-494-2501.

All Saints Day

All students are invited to the 4:00pm Mass next Saturday, Nov. 1st. Come dressed as your favorite Saint. We will process in together and should Fr. Perfecto ask about your Saint, be able to tell him something special about them. Please arrive around 3:45pm in complete costume as we will process in together. Catechists/Aides are encouraged to dress as your favorite Saint too!!!

Rules of Etiquette for Mass:
Things to Do and Not Do

PLEASE BE QUIET WHILE IN CHURCH. It is not the time or place to visit with those around you. If you must talk do so as quietly and briefly as possible. Remember that your conversation might be disturbing someone who is in prayer, which is much more important.

TAKE LOUD CHILDREN TO THE BACK. Every parent knows that sometimes the baby is going to have a bad day. Don’t make everyone else’s day bad as well. Sit on the end of the pew if you can, and take the child to the back quickly. Don’t wait too long before you make a move. There is no reason to be embarrassed about having to quiet your child in the back of Church. It is worse to allow them to disturb Mass continually.

PREPARE YOUR OFFERING BEFORE MASS. Christ tells us not to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing when you make your offering, Keeping the basket while you get your wallet out can sometime become quite a scene.

NO BULLETIN READING DURING MASS. Imagine if you invited a guest to your house and before dinner (or during) they decided to read a magazine instead of talking to you. That is what is happening in God’s house when you read the bulletin.

RESPECT BOUNDARIES OTHER MAY HAVE. You might want to hold hands to pray the Lord’s Prayer , they may not. They might be sick and not want to shake hands during the Sign of Peace. These are OK. Do not make any unnecessary judgment because they worship differently.

Respect Life Corner

The credibility of a healthcare system is not measured solely by efficiency, but above all by the attention and love given to the person, whose life is always sacred and inviolable.”

- Pope Francis, “Address of Holy Father Francis
to Participants in the Meeting organized
by the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, ” Sept. 20, 2013 -

Let Us Pray to the Lord...

for children awaiting adoption, that the Lord may inspire loving
families to welcome and nurture them.

Marriage and Family

In our second reading it calls us to “complete my joy by being of the
same mind, with the same love, united in heart, thinking one thing..” Bring your marriage to a unity of heart. Restore, renew and rekindle your marriage at an upcoming Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend on Oct. 24-26 in Rockford, IL; Nov. 14-16 in Brookfield, WI or January 23-25, 2015 in Brookfield, WI. For more information visit our website at: or call (888) 574-5653.

Vocation Corner

The Importance of Silence - Today’s culture is very, very noisy, busy, chaotic, and fast-paced. Flashing lights and opportunities to get distracted are all around us. The interesting thing is that many of these things that seem so good, and that keep us busy and engaged do not in fact offer us any opportunity to truly be refreshed. Rather, many things that we turn to in our brief moments of down time in the midst of our busy schedules in fact only serve to tire us even more, and this is compounded by the fact that this very cycle of “busyness” doesn’t allow us the opportunity to step-back and assess the fact that we need time to rest and to reflect. In light of this, I want to propose that it can be tremendously fruitful to purposely and intentionally insert small periods of silence into your day. These moments are of course perfect opportunities for prayer. Moments to
reach out to God for the purpose of connecting with Him can bring profound peace and a sense of calm and refreshment. These moments are crucial to our lives (and to our sanity!) because they connect us to reality! How often do we hurriedly go through our day, filling our time with mindless things, without taking a few moments time to reach out to truly connect with God. All of us are called to be in relationship with Him for eternity, that is our reality, and yet we often fail to engage this fact throughout the day. Make the effort to get the most value out of your free time by reaching out to the one who made you.

St. Mary Purgatorial Society

Please remember to list your deceased loved ones on the All Souls envelope included in your monthly packet of envelopes. Masses will be offered throughout the year for our “St. Mary Purgatorial Society”. We remember all those who have gone before us. We strengthen our hope in the promise of eternal life. We recall the faithfulness of those who have died. And we pray for their union with God in heaven. Having a Mass said is a beautiful way to remember our deceased loved ones. We would also like to encourage you to use your purple Cemetery envelope included in your packet of envelopes. Please make this a priority so that we may keep our cemetery a beautiful place for our loved ones to rest in peace.

Family Fun Night

Join St. Peter Church, 1891 Kaneville Rd., Geneva, for a Family Fun Night next Saturday, Nov. 1st, from 6:00-8:30pm in Mc Loughlin Hall featuring free admission, fun, food court and raffles. All proceeds will benefit St. Peter Community Food Pantry’s Holiday Meal Box Program. Raffles to win a trip for 4 to Disney World in Florida, a $500 gift certificate to Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, or a Weber grill. $5 for adults and $2 for children. Contact the parish office at 630-232-0124 with any questions.


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